21 September 2006


We are finally having some real fall weather. You know, the kind of temperatures that mean you can't dress appropriately for the whole day? The kind where in the morning you need long pants, sweaters, and the like, but afternoons where you'd expire from the heat if you actually wore them.

That kind of weather. I actually like this kind of weather (the sky is so very blue when it's clear) because I love snuggling in the blankets at night. It's even kind of nice to sit on the porch waiting for the boys' bus to come while clutching a hot cup of coffee (at 6:45 every morning). It means that it's even a good time for knitting, because the warm wool in my lap won't stick to me.

But the tomatoes are looking scraggly, and the eggplant looks tired. The squash, however, looks great. The zinnias are still amazing, and my 3 year old mums are getting ready to bloom. The cosmos plants might be getting weedy, but the are still producing beautiful flowers. All in all, it's a really nice time of year.

Knitting is happening, but not as much. I am exhausted by the time I come home on MW, so those nights are when I shut off my brain. On Tuesday, I decided to take a bike ride instead (I rode 15.4 miles at almost 16 mph) as the time is coming when I can't ride outside because of cold-induced bronchiospasm. Even so, M's sock is coming along, I have 1/2 of a cuff repeat left on kilt hose #2, and B's sleeves are getting bigger. I want to finish up a project or two because I have some charity knitting to do. When January comes, I'm knitting for me for awhile (yes, I am that selfish) and nobody else (unless I have to knit socks for L out of scraps or something).

Anyway, it's almost the weekend for me. I have a single class today and I finish up tomorrow at 9:50 am.

And it's now only 7 days until I get a paycheck.


Maggie said...

I love this kind of weather, too. It's the best time of the year.

Here's a link to a knitting blog of someone I know. She does some beautiful things, like you. ;)

Kate said...

Yes, the days are nice right now. I'm wearing my favorite kind of outfit: long sleeved t-shirt and shorts. We've opened the sliding glass down in the family room and you can watch the curtains billow.

So, how do you know her? I've looked at her site and I think her stuff is a lot nicer than mine!

Maggie said...

She's a poster on a parenting site I visit. I do know she follows the yarnharlot like you do.