22 September 2006


I am not allowed to knit anything for me right now. In the last week, I've cast on for two things for me (a pair of fingerless gloves to wear at work and a shawl today) only to have things go horribly wrong. In other words, both were frogged. Sigh.

However, I can cast on and knit things for other people. I am already working on a sweater for B, kilt hose for P, and Pawley's socks for M. I wanted to start something that I can finish quickly. All of my projects right now are a little slow. Sweaters for adults grow slowly. The kilt hose are fun, but complicated. I am only working on M's socks when I am waiting for other people or class to start. I cast on this evening for another 5 hour baby sweater. I'm already 1/3 of the way through it, and it is going very well. It's obviously not for me. : ) It's been nice to knit, watch SciFi channel, and feel a nice cool breeze coming in the window.

Today was supposed to be a soccer day. I had to cancel practice, because it was raining (complete with thunder and lightening) and the fields were under water. It's hard to play soccer when the ball floats. M didn't have practice, either, for the same reason. Tomorrow M is supposed to play in Boyle county, so I'll have to drop him off for a ride. L's playing in Berea (if the fields aren't under water). The weather doesn't appear to be promising, so we shall see.
B is at the DOK (which spell check keeps insisting should be DORK) retreat at the Cathedral Domain. Poor man is the only man there. Maybe he'll have more appreciation for my life (as the only female at our house)!


Maggie said...

Just another rainy Saturday, huh? Same here. The kids are climbing the walls, so I invented a game of scrubbing grout lines, and whoever gets their section the cleanest gets to pick dinner and dessert. Josh thinks I'm mean.

Kate said...

Yep, games were cancelled. It's raining again.

I didn't even bother making it a game--the boys are cleaning the "playroom" and have been told to vacuum it too. I don't think that you are mean--I think that it's brilliant!

When I'm on fall break, I'm going through the toys in there and getting rid of a bunch of them.