13 September 2006


Wednesdays are one of my long, long days. Just in case you want to know what it is like:

5:45 am. Wake up call. Take a shower, because it helps to wake me up.
6:00 am. Try to figure out what to wear without turning on lights to really wake up drowsing B.
6:10 am. Make coffee, go outside and get the newspaper, and figure out what I'm going to eat for breakfast. (Harder than you think--you eat breakfast without any wheat products!)
6:15 am. Listen to the boys start getting ready as B has gotten them out of bed.
6:20 am. Eat breakfast. Pour a cup of coffee for B and for me.
6:30 am. Tell L he needs to find his shoes so he can eat something before he has to get on the bus.
6:40 am. M has eaten and has his school stuff together. L is dawdling.
6:45 am. Outside for the bus.
6:50 ish am. The bus has come, and I need to leave.
7:30-7:45 or thereabouts: I make it into school. I might have time to check my e-mail, I might not.
8:00 am. Teach first class. (This is a small class, and they like to talk. It really helps!)
9:00 am. Teach second class (in a different classroom, natch!).
10:00 am. Go over to the office suite. Check e-mail. Read over today's lab. Read the lecture outline for tomorrow and take notes. Check e-mail. Grade stuff. (Today: tons of grading. But I'm caught up now.) Maybe I'll knit on ____ sock while I read the lab and lecture material.
Noonish: Eat lunch, tell nursing students I have no idea to whom they need to speak about anything. (Really, I don't.)
1:00 pm. Go into lab and make sure I know where everything the students need is. Type up what the students need to do today and for the next lab.
1:30 pm. Teach lab #1.
3:30pm. Tell students that they are finished now (even if they aren't). Kick them out.
3:35 pm. Put all equipment back where it belongs so lab #2 can find equipment as they need it.
4:00 pm. Teach lab #2.
6:00 pm. Kick students out of lab.
6:00ish. Walk to car.
6:45 or so. Walk back into the house (Except for today--I had to meet B at church and pick up the boys there). Eat dinner (thankful that B cooks on M&W). Help L with homework.
7:30 pm. Start making the boys get ready for bed.
7:40 pm. Give L his nighttime meds.
7:42 pm. Read a chapter to the boys. (We are reading Peter and the Starcatchers right now. Sadly, we have to wait for the final Gregor the Overlander Book.)
8:00 pm. Collapse. Thank my lucky stars that I've finished my second long day of the week and I don't have another really long day until Monday. (Mondays are much the same--but worse, because it's a Monday.)
10:00 pm. Finally go to bed. Tomorrow is an early day too.
Anyway, I am tired and crabby right now. I just want to watch TV and knit something for me--but I have three active projects right now and none are for me. I'm too tired to work on the kilt hose (too much concentration needed for the cuff) and M's socks are the take to work and knit when I'm not busy socks. I just don't feel like working on the sleeves for B's sweater right now. Yup, I'm certainly whiny today. Part of it is that B is at church showing The Gospel of John (it came out at the same time as The Passion of the Christ, but didn't get the audience although it probably should have) for the adult christian formation class and I haven't seen him all day. The other part is I'm just tired--and there's no real break in sight. Ugh.


SarahJanet said...

Oooooh! How are you guys liking Peter and the Starcatchers? I just finished reading that and I REALLY liked it. Let me know! (And it has a sequel out if you like it.)

Kate said...

We are really enjoying it. (I'd actually read it before I started reading it to them.) The story is really fun and the boys like the mild profanity (they both giggle a lot about it). It's going to take us a while to read it, but that's fine. It's a really nice way to finish their day. How can you not like The Ladies?

I'm very glad there is a second one. It will keep us busy until the final Gregor is published!