27 January 2008

Nearly February

That means it's almost time for spring training and BASEBALL. We don't play here at Clever Name (we play soccer), but the boys love it.

Anyway...last night we went to Fayette Mall to see some baseball players that were doing the Southern Caravan. We spent most of the time doing this:
We arrived about 6:25 pm and left around 8:45 pm. I amused my self by taking pictures. A favorite one is this:Game Boy tried to make me miss the shot, but I got it anyway! I have other pictures, some where he's in them, some of his hand.

The Wiz managed to meet Mr. Redlegs, who not only gave him a hug, but picked him up.Eventually, they made their way to the players, the manager, and a few other people in the Reds organization. One of Game Boy's favorite players, Ryan Freel was there. The Wiz was given a lot of attention from everyone because he was riding on The Collar's shoulders. If you ask the Wiz, sometimes, it's nice to be small. Both of the boys are happy. All three have autographs.

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Maggie said...

That is very cool! Maddie will be playing in her first outdoor soccer league this spring. I'm so excited for her.