04 January 2008

The Side Bar

A quick note on the new "thing" on my sidebar.

Parade Magazine (you may receive this on Sundays in your newspaper) is having a contest for charities. They are giving the ten charities who have the most donors by January 31 $50,000. As you may know, Shwachman Diamond Syndrome is on NORD's list of rare diseases. There aren't that many patients, and it is relatively an unknown disease. It did get some press recently on Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis.

This is the genetic disorder that the Wiz has. It took us about 18 months for a diagnosis, and it was a pretty scary path to diagnosis. Maybe I'll write that up for you later.

If you have $10 (or more!) to spare, please consider clicking on the button at right and donating. There is also a link to SDA if you want to learn more about what the Wiz has.

Thanks for your patience!


lc said...

FYI: the SDA sidebar thingy isn't working, at least for me...:(

Kate said...

Rats! It's working for me. I wonder what I need to do.

Kate said...

I've checked it a few times, and I think the site sometimes goes down. I'm adding a direct link to the site.

Elizabeth said...

worked for me!