11 January 2008


I have actually kept up with this for over 2 years now. Wednesday marked the second year of blogging, and today's post will make 300. I can't believe that I have actually kept this up that long. I have also been a pretty regular poster. Even if I see my family rarely, they can at least see pictures of the boys (and dogs, and stuff I've made, and places we've gone, and...).

I'm going to be knitting monogamously for awhile. I am tired of Blossom, and I want it completed. I have only three more repeats to do, so if I work on it today and tomorrow, maybe I'll be ready to block it. Do you want to see what Blossom looks like?I'm working on the two Yuck-It's-Winter gifts, but not much. I've been busy with my classes. Speaking of classes, my 8:00 am class talks! They have opinions, and they give them. It makes class so much more fun.

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