25 January 2008

Squirrel Time

I must be anxious and/or nervous. I am finishing things up very quickly. My hands are cold, LittleMy gave me some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (two skeins, different colors) and so...I have a pair of fingerless mitts. I made a wrist length pair of Evangelines. I started them yesterday, because I left the socks I'm supposed to be working on in The Collar's car. That's the last of the three things that I'm trying to finish before the end of this month.

I really need to make regular ones, some time. I really need a pair that covers my fingers! It's been a lot colder this winter than usual. I want to make a pair that have a flip top. There's that alpaca...

Today's SCIG day, so I need to get moving on that.

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