28 January 2008

Academic Team

Game Boy's Academic Team was on fire today! They were very good. Game Boy's team did so well that all four of them were pulled out after the half. He's happy--they've won the last two matches. He answers a lot of the math and science questions, and he's a very good captain. He doesn't blurt out answers and he's calm about talking to his teammates.

He's about half way through Academic Team, now. It's good, because the poor kid has way too many activities he's in. (He loves them all. As long as he's happy, and his grades stay high, we'll let him continue.)

The other thing today was the IEP meeting. Needless to say, The Wiz still qualifies for services. He'll be continuing in speech, we are starting OT for handwriting, he will be working with the resource teacher in class, he's delayed in several key areas (not academics) and we need to have some evaluations. He is very bright, and that is probably allowing him to keep up instead of falling behind. He's a good kid, and except for the wiggling and incessant talking, not a behavior problem at all. I wish something would be easy for him.

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