17 January 2008


It started with the dog refusing to get out of bed. Maisie sleeps under the covers with us, and decided that today she WAS NOT getting up. It's not easy to make the bed with the dog moving the covers.

Then we discovered that the boys had a snow day. We had no snow...but apparently that's optional. I did not have a snow day. I got to drive up to Lexington.

I taught class, and one student remarked that I was remarkably awake this early in the morning. I can teach this class asleep. I do listen to NPR on the way into school, so I can always toss in relevant current events so I'm not completely sleepwalking my way through class. I do not tell him any of that, however. I do tell him that I've had 1/2 pot of coffee by the time I start teaching!

Tag team parenting--I came home, The Collar went to work. Luckily, we ban television most days (even when they are sick), so a weekday watching tv is a treat. I was able to check on my online classes.

I made cookies (quinoa peanut butter) because the gluten free cake I thought I made, wasn't. The cookies were pretty good, but not as good as my usual peanut butter cookies.

I did one more load of laundry. Tomorrow I get to fold it! (I lead such an exciting life.)
We ate lunch. The Wiz adores homemade pimento cheese, but kept trying to beg a bite of my Pad Thai.

The boys cleaned the play room (a huge task) and I cleaned all pet cages except for Sparky's.

Then it was time for the Wiz and I to go to his allergist appointment. His lungs sound great (the antibiotics are doing their job) and he still has hives. It's been almost two weeks. On the bright side, once your skin gets into the hive mode, it can take four weeks for the skin to stop reacting. This may not sound like a good thing, but trust me, it is. It means it could be a viral rash, and he'll eventually stop. Now, if he has hives in February, then I'll worry, and so will Dr. O. I remember to ask for samples! Yes! It truly helps with costs. The Wiz takes five daily meds, four of which are asthma/allergy related. Then he has one as needed for asthma, the SCIG that's once weekly, and the various antibiotics he goes on and off. So, yes, two months of Nasonex really does matter.

After that, we went to Michael's to see what kind of craft supplies The Wiz wants for his birthday. (It's only a month away.) He wants beads, paint, clay, and a few other items. He loves to make things.

Tonight's choir night, so we went there. The Collar took Game Boy and P to rehearsal from our house. I worked on a sock, and helped someone else with her sock. The Collar went to budget hearings. I took the boys to their homes, and then ate my own dinner.

Now I'm doing this. I'm tired (so's The Collar!). I want to not wake up early tomorrow too. What do you think The Collar would do if Maisie and I stage a sleep in? I made the boys their lunch already. It's not like they'll need me. :)

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elisabeth said...

I always stage a sleep-in on Friday mornings--as long as I can, anyway, since I still have to catch a 7:45 train. But I make F. walk the dog on Friday mornings. It's good for him!