13 January 2008


Remember those three things I was going to finish? One is done. I finished Blossom during our church's annual meeting. (I hate those--being married to the Vicar doesn't help. Somehow everyone thinks I am going to tell them what The Collar is going to say. Um, no.)

I did make a few changes to the pattern. I only did 13.5 repeats and only did 3 garter stitch rows for the end. It's bigger than the pattern said it would be--it's the same tip to tip (68 inches) but 6 inches longer from top to point, 31 inches. I knit it in Fleece Artist Mermaid. I was going to knit myself socks from that yarn, but I like this better. (Thanks LC! It's yarn from you!) I like that it is longer. It's blocking right now, so maybe there will be better pictures (on a non-busy background) later.I can't get a picture of it all at once, so this will have to do. Maybe I'll get blocking wires if I knit more lace.
This is a close up of the stitch pattern. I did make mistakes, but I was able to fix them in such a way that it shouldn't be noticeable. I think I'd enjoy a more complex pattern more. I became very bored with this pattern.

I'm doing pretty well--it's only the 13th of January, and I've finished two knitting projects already. I'm trying to be a more monogamous project knitter again. It's how I started out, and i finished things more quickly then. Of course, I don't usually have too many projects going at once.

(Edited to add: I cast on for this shawl on September 24. I knit a bunch of things in the mean time, but wow, it took me a long time!)

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lc said...

Beautiful! I haven't done a shawl yet...I'm intimidated by lace! :)