14 January 2008

Poor Wiz.

Last night, I heard whimpering from the Wiz's room. I went in, and he's covered head to toe in big, red itchy hives. We've got pictures, but those are for the various doctors he now must see.

These were worse than last week's. I took him to see the ped, and he says allergy, but not to IG, because the reaction was over 48 hours, and that should have happened between 12 and 24. However, he "almost" has bronchitis, so he's back on antibiotics. (He will develop bronchitis--he always does. This is one of the reasons his GI really thought he had CF.) Game Boy was supposed to see the allergist on Thursday, but doesn't need to, so I have to call and ask them to see The Wiz instead of Game Boy, and cancel The Wiz's appointment the following week or so. We'll see what the allergist says.


He's now had bronchitis twice this fall/winter. It's only January. He's now missed 6 days of school, too.

Edited: His lymphs are low. Maybe next week we'll run a CBC since he has his well child check up then.

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