07 January 2008

Schedule? What Schedule?

Well, last week, I was scheduled for three online classes, plus a lecture class MWF at 1:00pm. But then...

Friday, I was scheduled for three online classes (with people begging to get in) and NO lecture classes. WOOT! I get flexibility and I get to stay home! It makes dealing with the Collar's schedule easier. (Gas costs too much anyway.) Too good to be true eh?

As of 11:00 this morning, I'm teaching three online classes, and a TR 8:00 am class. No one but me is willing to teach 8:00 am classes. I wonder why? With only 2 days driving up to Lexington, I will make money out of the deal (and I'll be finished by 9:15 so I can run my errands and still be home by noon on TR). Of course, I'm going to have to teach on my birthday again this year.

This means that the IEP meeting I made them reschedule from today at 11:30 am to January 22 at 8:30 am isn't one I can attend now. Because I'm now teaching at that time. So, I'm making the Collar go. He should experience one of these sometime. (I only think this because I've had the "pleasure" of going to all of the other ones.) (IEP meetings stink on ice. Ours are always in January, and even though they are relatively painless compared to some I've heard about, they are still painful.)

I will have a schedule as of tomorrow.

Of course, now The Wiz has hives. Where did those come from? What's he allergic to now? Does it have anything to do with his cough?

Edited to add: the irony of the adds about giant gift bows and wrapping paper are quite amusing. I'm pretty sure that my blog post was about NOT USING THEM!

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