08 April 2010

What to do

when concentrating is hard.
The really big clapotis
It covers most of the hammock
 The clapotis (pattern on Knitty.com) I started the day before Wiz's surgery.  I messed it up, though.  I added 6 extra increase repeats.  I had to buy more yarn, and I knit only 9 straight repeats.  It's warm, and huge, and almost a blanket.  It was just complicated enough to be interesting, and not too complicated that I'd mess it up while working on it at the hospital.  I wove in the ends the morning before Wiz went back to school for the first time.  (I used Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Moondance and knitted it with size 7 needles.  Really lovely yarn.)
Swirly socks for the Collar

 On the drive over to Seattle, I finished these socks for the Collar.  I mostly worked on them in waiting rooms.  (Serenity Sock Weight in Picasso Marble--just simple easy stockinette socks.
skinny cozy made with super bulky yarn, so the heavy skinny cozy
 Before we went over, I knit this.  I have no idea why.  I'm not sure it even has much use!  But now, I can concentrate again, so I've started this:
Stranded mitten.  Complicated knitting is available to me again.

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