12 September 2009


is what I do when I'm uploading things for class or I'm sick. This week was both. I did play tennis with Game Boy once (he beat me!) and run once and ride once (22.5 miles) but I was sick Thursday and Friday, and I did do a lot of tinkering with my classes. I promised my niece who has Raynaud's syndrome that I'd knit her a pair of fingerless mitts. Wiz was enamoured of the pair, and didn't like that I was making it for his cousin. (He wanted a pair to wear to school. He loves his pink and purple ones, but the kids at school make fun of them.) When I knitted the second mitt, I knit it too short. I think he used the force on me. Instead of ripping it out (I started this pair on Tuesday) I decided to knit two more so I'd have two pairs, one for Wiz and one for M. Both pairs are now finished. Wiz is currently wearing his. He loves them. Hopefully his cousin will love hers too.

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