17 September 2009

Two Rides

This week I've gotten to ride twice. (Hopefully, I'll get to ride again tomorrow.) It's amazing how differently both rides were.

On Monday, I went for a ride with the Collar. Last week, I'd been sick with a fever for a few days, but thought I was better. It was not much fun. We rode to M-F, very, very slowly. The wind was fierce--I really felt as if I was going to be blown off my bicycle. It's very dry right now, so there was a lot of dust in the air. The mountains were blurry due to the dust, and M-F looked almost as if it were on fire. Dust + asthma meant it was a very exhausting ride for me. Add on the fact that I was still recovering, it was a miserable ride for me. (The Collar enjoyed it more.)

Today I rode down to CP. This was much nicer because the wind wasn't as ferocious. There wasn't dust in the air, so breathing was much better. I felt faster (and I was: 15.0 mph Monday, 15.7 mph today). The sky was bright blue and the wind was crisp (not gritty and warm). Some of the difference was feeling better today and some of it was the weather wasn't against me. I am probably more recovered from last week, too.

As I rode today, I thought about what I see as I ride. I ride past historical sites (Whitman Mission), vineyards, onion fields, and wheat fields. I can almost always see the mountains. I see other cyclists, runners, and farmers. The horses here do not freak out like the ones in Kentucky did. They just watch me go by. There's even a farm with a flock of goats.

There's a reason I've ridden over 1100 miles this year. I'm not afraid a dog is going to attack me and there are so many places to ride. My cell phone works every where, so I'm not afraid of breaking down either. (Of course, I had a lot of help with child care this year, too.)

I can't wait to see where I go next year.


Batty said...

I used to think I hated exercise. But... not so much. Being outside, moving through space, feeling the air... we don't get the same beautiful vistas in our urban landscape. But I enjoy walking around it and seeing everything close up. Driving is just so... impersonal.

I don't know what would happen if Mr. Batty got close to an onion field. He's allergic to onions. But it's pretty cool.

Kate said...

I have to premedicate before I ride because the wheat fields make me wheeze. I understand how allergies can affect where one goes.

I love that I can just ride a couple of miles and I'm in the country. What's funniest is that I live in what the highway signs call the city center. : D