01 July 2010

Socks Of My Very Own

I have this yarn.  It's yarn that many knitters worldwide stalk as if it is a lion on the Serengheti.  Me?  I lucked into it.  A friend (LittleMy) from Knittyboard sent it to me in a secret pal swap.  I knit a pair of socks out of it and I wear them at least weekly in the winter.  I had a lot left over, so I thought I'd knit another pair of socks.  They needed to be special, so I looked for a pattern.  I didn't find one.  I looked through a stitch dictionary, and found this:

a pattern called lily.  Here it is in yarn with decreases and yarnovers.

 It looks better on my right foot, because that one is wider.  (It's the one I broke back when we lived in Lexington.)  The pattern opens up a little more.

 On the bottom, is the view someone else will see when they look at my feet (hey, I have nerdy friends).  I think it looks like a jelly fish (which is also cool).  On the top, is how they look when I look at my feet. I do that sometimes, especially when I'm wearing hand knit socks.  They make me happy.

I need to make some decisions about these socks.  Do I enter them in the fair?  Should I write up the pattern?  Or shall I keep them mine, and mine alone?

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