26 June 2010

Growing Things

besides the boys, of course.  (Game Boy is growing like crazy.  His feet are officially bigger than mine now.)  Knitting is sort of growing.  I'm about 1/2 way through a bath mat and I'm half way through the lily pattern on the second sock.

All of these pictures are from a week ago.  It's finally warmed up and the sun is out, and now there has been a ton of growth. 

 Roses and weeds make a fine bouquet.
 The tomatoes are blooming.
 This tomato plant was broken off at the ground by stupid fuzzy tailed rodents.  I rooted the stem end and left the other part.  Both parts are doing pretty well.
 Another tomato
 Game Boy's earth box with watermelon and canteloupe.
 Wiz's strawberries
My flower boxes are filling in nicely.  These were all started with seeds and I'm starting to see flower buds.

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Batty said...

Yum, edible plants! I've always wanted a herb garden, but I find roots revolting. Not sure why.