21 June 2010

Too Much and Too Lazy

Well, that about says it.

We have been pretty busy since the boys finished up the school year.  We've watched a lot of baseball  and gardening.  Game Boy is at the tennis academy this week, and both boys are either attending or working at vacation Bible camp.  The Collar is up in Spokane at a training meeting.  I've been riding my bicycle, I've started the couch to 5K (actually, the couch to 30 minutes!), and trying to keep Wiz busy.  (Thank goodness for piano.  He loves it.)

Yes, sounds about usual.

I have some pictures of the garden, but would have to go up and get the camera.  As I said, I'm too lazy right now to do that.  We are growing herbs, salad greens, rainbow chard, and tomatoes.  I buried a potato, so I suppose that counts too.  The boys each have their own garden (one of the volunteers gave me a couple of earth boxes) and Wiz is growing strawberries, and Game Boy is growing melons.  Maybe tomorrow I'll upload the pictures.

Happy first day of summer!  Maybe ours will finally show up.

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