09 October 2010

Setting Down Roots

We've been here 26 months now.  

Once I read that someone was going to live as if she lived in her dream house.  I've been trying to do that ever since.  (I did work on the house in Richmond, but we moved shortly after I made that decision.)  One of the ways I'm trying to do this is to make curtains, hang art, frame posters, and so on.  I might even paint.  Usually I only really do those things if we are getting ready to sell the house.  This time, I want to do those things for us--so we get to enjoy our hard work.  (Or my hard work--a lot of it falls to me to do.)

Of course, since I'm trying to pay off debt, I'm not spending much money on that.  However, since I have been given lots of fabric as the BBFs find it at their house, I can do some of it on the cheap.  

Exhibit 1.  Curtains for the singleton windows in the living room.  Fabric is obviously Indian, and it matches the drapes on the picture window(s).    It also goes very well with the other decor in that room.  (We could still use furniture in there, but at least it looks pretty.)

Happy elephants parading on the windows.
Exhibit 2.  Heavier curtains for our bedroom.  These are more for better privacy and better light blocking.  I loved the other ones, but they just don't work keeping the light out.  Maybe these will be better.  There's still another window (our house has many, many windows), and I want to find something like a tapestry to put on it.  It's behind our bed, and if I do this correctly, I can make it look like a picture instead of a window.  And it will block more light.  As the sun comes up in the summer at 4 am-ish, that would be wonderful.
 Add these to cleaning the Harry Potter closet, I had a very busy and productive day.


BBFM said...

Hooray that you're using the Indian fabric so beautifully. Guess I'll have to dig around some more.


krisiteinbc said...

I'm glad you feel like you are getting some roots established in your Washington home. Your creative additions are lovely!

MMW said...

I like the curtains...especially the ones in your bedroom.