09 November 2007

After Choir Conversation

Last night's conversation (all three boys took part--a few were monopolized and those are noted):

Why it's a bad idea to smoke.
Who starts smoking.
Cool things they do on Fun (or Fab) Fridays.
Who their friends are at school.
How many birds are around.
Worry about whether or not he (Game Boy) made academic team. (He did! He found out today.)
If Game Boy is going to have a solo or not for Lessons and Carols.
If The Wiz is going to go to Gatti Town.
What P (the other chorister) would do with the money he got from the tooth fairy if he found the mammath tooth fossil that the 3 year old found.
Digging for fossils at school (P again--we don't have as much rock on our playground).
What their favorite pieces of music that they are now practicing for Lessons and Carols. (Game Boy wants to sing The Holly Has a Berry--among other pieces.)
Why taking your lunch to school is better than buying it.

Keep in mind this is about a half hour in the car. These things were discussed in detail. (Oooh, boy, were they.)

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LilKnitter said...

I love these posts! Kids are funny, and sometimes weird, but that's part of the fun!