28 November 2007

And it's a

Well, at least he has an orange hat.

Back to doing work.


Maggie said...

It looks warm and he looks happy. I miss you guys.

LC said...

And it matches your mary janes! (don't wear them together...please!) ;)

Karen said...

The orange is for the Bengals, right? Kate, I need your help finding a charity in the Lexington area. It's a long story, but a super lady I had never met was super nice to my twin boys last night in the grocery. After many thanks, I said I'd like to repay her by donating to her favorite charity. She said it was the Gospel Mission in Jackson County, and it's all about helping out children. Ever heard of them? I'm asking you since I know you live in Lexington and the Husband is "The Collar". I've googled, but no luck. Sorry for the rambling comment, but your email isn't listed in your profile page. Click on my link and you'll find me. Thanks