15 November 2007

Birds and Creeps

That's the conversation for today.

On the way up to rehearsal, the boys talked about birds. They've decided that Lex has more starlings than people. The sheer number of birds apparently reminded P 0f the London bombings, so that started a conversation about starlings being bombers. These boys are 10, 8, and 6. You can imagine the what the bombs are.

On the trip back home, they decided to be creeps, and after everything they said, they added the word Ladies in a deep voice. Then it wound up being about birds and Ladies. It's very strange. I do not think that I understand anything that they talk about.

If you want to learn about your kids, don't actually talk to them. Take them and their friends in a car pool. They'll talk amongst themselves, and you'll learn so much more!


LC said...

Boy, you have that right! I just fill up my car with 12yo girls, and sit back to listen. Sometimes I learn WAY more than I bargained for!

Boys are different, but not SO different!

Kate said...

A friend told me (she had raised girls) to ALWAYS be part of the car pool rotation. She learned that the girls would forget she was there and just talk. Luckily, they were (mostly) good, but she learned so much.

Now I understand. At the time, the boys were only 4 and 1, and I didn't really understand.)