02 December 2007

Odd(s) and Ends

First, Game Boy wants you to see this:

He connected two words with the word "drives" on a triple word score and earned a cool 84 points. It was a coup!

I finished a hat for the Wiz. He's wearing a scarf I made for his baby long, long ago. It is the only thing I've ever knitted from novelty yarn.

And finally, a tiny little sweater for my SP. I need to make a hanger for it, but there it is.

The next week is going to be very busy. It's the last week of classes, and we have a trip from Wednesday to Friday.


Dorothy from Kansas said...

OH, man! Remind me if you guys ever come and we play scrabble that I don't play against Micah! I can't even beat myself! Have a great Christmas!

Hutchart said...

Found you! It looks even better with the hanger.

<3 Hutchart