31 December 2007

Next Year

should be better. This year started with surgery for me, and things pretty much lurched from one disaster to another. It was also funny, and we had fun, but I'd really like to see things get a little boring for a bit. (Like that will happen.) I am writing these here because I want to remember and check back next New Year's Eve.

I'm not going to make resolutions, per se, but I do have things that I want to try/do/happen in 2008.

This year
--I'm going to exercise at least 3 times a week. I started out doing well last year, but then spent from March to August in a splint or cast. That kind of put a damper on exercise. I always feel better when I exercise any way.

--I am going to do things to the house because I want to, not because I have to. Even if we move this year, I am going to enjoy my house while we are here. (I started doing this already. I have made curtains for all of the bed rooms this year.)

--I am going to get rid of the clutter in our house. The Wiz is six, and we don't need baby/toddler/preschooler items any more. We also have more stuff than we need. I'm getting rid of it. I'm going to organize what we have and work on making my life easier.

--I am going to work on reducing our carbon foot print more. We already do the light bulbs, and I'm replacing wrapping paper with gift bags (mostly cloth ones). I want to put baskets on my Dew and use it more around town. I am going to grow more vegetables this year.

--I am not going to stress out over things as much. I am too anxious about things that I can't control, and I'm going to attempt to let things go. No one follows the scripts I write in my head, so I'm going to stop writing them.

--I hope that the job situation gets sorted out this year. I'm tired of not feeling any of it is secure.

--I am going to floss every day. I used to do this, and keep falling out of the habit because of it making me throw up (pregnancy, twice), thumb injuries, surgery, etc. None of that will happen this year, right? (Right? Please?)

That's a start.

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