21 December 2007

No one can see here

Game Boy had his eye exam today. (All four of us have been to the eye doctor in the last four weeks.) He also needs reading glasses. Apparently, the last eye exam was most likely wrong (that doctor said he outgrew his farsightedness). Strangely, he and the Wiz have the same prescription.

Game Boy also has a convergence problem. He sees double from a very long distance (over a foot away from his eyes--most of us don't see double until close to our noses). Glasses will help with all of that and we are supposed to do exercises to improve that. He must have a really hard time at school.

Anyway, they tried to make his glasses. They had his prescription in stock (unlike mine, which must be ground specifically for me) and worked on them. His left lens was cut in half by the edging machine. The left lens on the Wiz's glasses did the same thing. Both boys' glasses did this twice. This time, Game Boy's glasses are going to be sent off to another lab to fix. (So, of four pairs of glasses, only the Collar's were made while we waited. The Wiz's and Game Boy's should have been, but the machine broke. My glasses just take a loooooooooong time.)

While we were there, we had the Wiz's glasses adjusted, because they are a little bit big. Guess what! The ear piece broke as they were adjusting the fit. So now his glasses are being sent to another lab also. He may wind up with different glasses though, because the frames have been discontinued and the company is gone. Who knows?

I'm finding this pretty funny. What else can I do?

All three of us should have our new glasses by next Friday. I hope! I really wanted to get used to my bifocals (progressive lenses, natch!) before school started. We shall see.

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Maggie said...

Ah, typical. lol I had meant to make appointments for my kids and myself before the year was up but life kept getting in the way. Now it's probably too late to get them in this week.