18 December 2007

General Catch Up

Three Good Things:

My grades are turned in.
We are not moving in February.
I received an SP package from Kent, England. (Pictures tomorrow!)

Three Bad Things:

I have to start wearing bifocals.
My Christmas shopping is woefully behind. (But who needs more stuff?)
It's really cold here.

Three So/so Things:

The boys start winter break on Friday.
All of the Christmas decorations are out of the garage and in the house.
The Collar and I are going shopping together this afternoon.


Elizabeth said...

Go for graduated bifocals--no one but your optometrist will know for sure!

Anonymous said...

kate - don't feel bad about the bifocals, i've had them since high school. :) the progressives are really nice and didn't take me long to get used to at all.
anna b.