10 February 2009

Ooh, Pretty!

My secret pal manxomeKal sent me this:
A very cool project bag, completely lined.
full of Reese's hearts,
A giant cup and saucer, to drink some nice strong Sumatran coffee,some beautiful stitch markers (my knitting wears more jewelry than I do!),
Jitterbug sock yarn, which I've never used before,

and some chunky Manos de Uruguay in a colors that remind me of water.

There are also some bite sized Heath bars, which I've stuck in the freezer, hiding from everyone else!

Thank you! The yarn is pettable, the coffee will be strong, and I can hide inside and not freeze quite happily. :)

1 comment:

manxomeKal/maribeth. said...

I wanted to get you some Costa Rican coffee, but they only had the pre-ground kind. I always liked the smell of Costa Rica in the mornings when I worked at a coffee shop. :) Sumatra is definitely a close second, though.

I'm so glad you liked everything!