24 February 2009

Quick Tuesday

Today was busy.

I taught.
I washed laundry.
I made phone calls about the camp survey and sent emails out for that.
I took the Wiz to the allergist (asthma is acting up, probably due chronic sinusitis. CT scan tomorrow, because I haven't spent enough time at St. Mary's recently.)
Game Boy had his Almost Spring Band Concert. (BBFs--he now can play the Michigan Fight Song. Do you have sheet music so he can learn the OSU one?)
I found out how much he loves playing trumpet--he plans (and was recruited for) jazz band which practices before school. Jazz band is cool.

Now I am sitting down for a bit. I'm tired.

Oh, and 10 more posts, and I have posted here 500 times. I can't believe it!

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Anonymous said...

The Michigan Fight Song? Arrgghh!