01 November 2009

Halloween! and other things

Um, bad blogger here.

I started a new job. Did I tell you? Between that, the courier job and the teaching online gig, I've been a wee bit busy.

We had Halloween (and a party at church) complete with pumpkin carving. The Collar made the famous kitty litter cake (I've never been so glad to have an excuse not to eat gluten), and the kids (and me!) carved pumpkins. (Mine's the spider, Game Boy's is the one with the saw sticking out of the head and the tongue, and Wiz's is bottome left.)

Game Boy also carved one at a birthday party. Blades in the head are apparently this year's theme.A blurry picture of my jack-o-lantern, all lit up.

Game Boy is playing basketball this year (and I avoided even seeing Kentucky play when I attended) and he's in jazz band (someday I'll send you to the link of his concert). Wiz is in crazy medical time (this month, so far: neurology, hematology, and cardiology--January already has a neurosurgery appointment), and I'm busy with the new job. The Collar is ALWAYS busy. I suppose we have no time to get into trouble.

I'll try to post more often. It's been a crazy time this year.


bbfm said...

Excellent pumpkins! Did Game Boy go trick-or-treating this year or does the WW party replace that for a middle schooler?

Are you going to Seattle soon? Remember M and F's invite.

Kate said...

We go to Seattle on the 18th. I'll be calling this week. I want to get through tomorrow's neurology appointment first.

Batty said...

Kitty litter cake looks very much like the real thing. Pretty darn amazing.