18 October 2009

Legos For Dinner

Meatloaf, again. (This ground beef seemed fattier than usual, so the pre-cooked picture is better.) Both the boys love legos, so, what better kind of meatloaf than a lego brick?

I finished a present for my niece K. Poor K. I sent two sets of fingerless mittens to her house, for her sister. Well, one pair wound up her brother's so she was left out. This pair is just for her. The picture doesn't show it, but there's a slightly sparkly thread in the yarn, so I think that they are perfect for her.

This morning I started another ornament. I think if I can make at least one a week, I should be doing all right by Christmas. They don't take long, but I really want shorter needles.

Time to fold the laundry. I won't have time later this week.

1 comment:

Batty said...

Pink and sparkly, it doesn't get better!
The lego brick is funny. It never would have occurred to me to make meatloaf in different shapes.