07 November 2009

Now it's November

and I have more pictures. Right now, weekdays are really busy. I haven't felt like blogging because I'm tired of doing anything much on the computer.
We had our usual skull shaped meatloaf--later than usual but we had it.

We had the first Saturday in forever when we didn't have any place we needed to be. So we went to Rook's park.
We saw a Great Blue Heron, who seemed to like to pose.
Wiz wasn't actually annoyed at this point. Maybe he was--I had just told him that it wasn't bamboo, but horsetails on the bank.Here are all three of the guys.

And here are the Blues, from town. That is snow up there. It seems to fall, then it melts, and it comes back. I don't mind the snow--if it's up there.

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Batty said...

Skull meatloaf is such a great idea. Spooky dinner!