31 May 2010

Seattle and Wiz

 Wiz had follow up appointments in Seattle last weekend.  He had an MRI on Friday morning, and a neurosurgical follow up on Tuesday.  We drove over on Thursday and came home Tuesday evening.  We had 3 and a half days of getting to explore Seattle.

 We went to the zoo, and there was a meeting of the minds.

 While he has grown (an inch!) since his surgery, he still fits pretty easily into a dinosaur foot print (Pacific Science Center).
 Butterflies are always cool! (Pacific Science Center).
Look!  (Space Needle)
 Watching the music and light show in the atrium of the Experience Music Project.

 Learning to play the drums on the drum kit (EMP).
 On the whale (Seattle Center)
 Cold, and wet on top of the Space Needle at sunset.
 Playing in the tide pool at the Seattle Aquarium.
 Olympic Mountains viewed from Elliot Bay (during our harbor cruise)
 Seattle from the water.
 Skyline view of Seattle, complete with the Space Needle.
R2D2 at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Museum.


Anonymous said...

Man, what a lot of cool things you did! You must have been exhausted by the time you got home. But cheerful, with the good news.

Kate said...

We were really tired, but it was a good trip. We've been over so many times, and hadn't really seen very much at all.

It was so wonderful to go over, and have great health news (doesn't happen often for us) and see and experience so much.

I will try to talk about everything more in depth. The aquarium was especially good.