08 September 2010

How to Take Care of Baby

Maisie adores stuffed animals, especially if they are Wiz's.  Wiz finally gave one of his stuffed animals to Maisie, so she would stop stealing Wiz's lemur.  Maisie's animal is a grey penguin chick, with a small squeaker in it.  We call this Maisie's baby, because she cuddles it, protects it, and gets very upset if anyone takes her baby.

Of course, this means I steal the baby whenever she leaves it somewhere easy to find.   And then I tease her with Baby.  I do give Baby back, but that means that she must hide Baby from me and Lulu.  (Everything gets hidden from Lulu.)

Tonight, she hid Baby on Game Boy's bed.  Usually, Baby is stashed under the guest room bed during the day or under our bed at night.  She'll crawl under there to make sure no one's harmed Baby.

Parenting would have been so much easier if I'd just stashed the baby under the bed.  Who knew it could be so easy?

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Anonymous said...

I hope ERN reads this but doesn't take it too literally.