18 September 2010


At one time, my heart belonged to me.

Then I met the Collar, and I gave him a piece.  I felt he could hold it for me.  We've been through a lot, the two of us.

After a long time (about 9 years of dating and being married) Game Boy arrived.  I gave him a piece of my heart.  He was small and too young, and it may have been a burden, but it went with him wherever he went.  It goes with him as he travels through his life.  I am not always sure where it is anymore.

And my heart lived with them, and with me, and we went to another adventure and the pieces of my heart were with them, and with me, and all was good.

After another little bit of time, Wiz was born.  I wasn't sure he would make it (he seemed to be in a hurry for seeing our lovely little planet, and maybe to see other places too), but I gave him a piece.  Again, it may have been a burden for one so young, but it went with him where ever he went.  He takes it whenever he goes into an operating room, and he takes it with him on all his adventures.

We had many adventures, and my heart did it with me, and with my children, and with my husband.  And thus my heart lives more with them than it does with me.

And now, the pieces of my heart are all together--mostly--but I see that they are going to go far.  Game Boy is growing, and growing and showing us that he is going to spread his wings and fly from us.  He's only thirteen, but the signs are there.  Wiz has always traveled a different route than the rest of us--and he is also showing the signs of flying away.

And so a heart, that lived with me, now lives with them, too.  It's hard when your heart lives with others.

I think it might be harder if your heart only stays with you.


kristieinbc said...

That was beautiful Kate. As the mom of four children who have now spread their wings and flown away I can attest to the fact it is painful each time it happens. But exciting too, to see the adults they have become.

T. Birch Rambo said...


LC said...


kristieinbc said...

Kate- vodka works, and I have noticed most recipes call for it. I like the whiskey because it helps along the brown color of the vanilla.

dmcL said...

Your heart will go so many places. Children are a glimpse of the immortality of The Garden: a part of you will go on and on, long after you have left.

Batty said...

That was beautiful.