02 September 2010

Red Sweater

I knit a little sweater for myself recently.  This is before buttons.

 After I put the buttons on it.  (It's hard to take pictures of yourself in a sweater.)
A view of the lacy pattern on the top.

The pattern is Hey Teach from Knitty.  I made it a little bit longer than called for in the pattern, and it fits if I don't button it.  (Well, I can button it, and it isn't tight, but it gaps on me.  It looks fine open.)  I've worn it a couple of times already, and it's just right for 60 degree days, which are starting to threaten.

It did not take me long to knit this sweater at all.  Even better, I still have about two cones worth of the Lamb's Pride cotton fleece, so I can knit another sweater or two.  I think I'll knit Sitcom Chic  but with long sleeves rather than 3/4 sleeves.

(It doesn't matter that I have four red sweaters.  One--if you are me-- can never have enough red sweaters.)


kristieinbc said...

Lovely sweater! I like your idea of the caprese salad. I have some fresh mozza in the fridge and plenty of basil and tomatoes in the garden. It might be next up on my tomato reduction plan!

I will be in Spokane from Sept. 9 to the 14th visiting my parents. Any chance you will be in the city then? It would be nice to meet in person!

Kate said...

I might be up the next weekend for a meeting. The Collar has one in Spokane on the 9th, but I'll be here since one of us needs to be in town for the kids. I also might be on jury duty.

Then we have a wedding that weekend. Let me know if you'll be in Spokane another time. Surely we'll be able to meet sometime!

kristieinbc said...

I'll let you know the next time I go. And yes, it is bound to work out at some point. Do you go to A Grand Yarn when you are in Spokane? It is very close (too close??) to where my parents live.

Kate said...

No, I've never been there. I am usually there for meetings or medical appointments and when we finish, we just go home.

But now I've found gluten free pizza in CdA, so we might go up for other reasons too. :)