12 December 2006


It is indeed a basal cell carcinoma. I'm scheduled for surgery on Dec. 26, at 4:00 pm. They were going to schedule me for January 2, but as I'm having sinus surgery the next day, I thought that would be a bad idea. Pain in the neck and pain in the face didn't seem like a good plan to me! : )

L's infusion is going at the moment, after a few minor technical issues. I'm going to start supper soon (we're having sausage and egg pie, aka quiche, with veggies). I have given 4 of my 5 finals as of this morning, and I'll have the last tomorrow morning. Tonight I am going to finish grading the lab practicals and make sure that my keys are ready. I'll still have notebooks to grade, but oh well.

I'm ready for the end of the semester. It's been fun, but really hard work this semester.


Maggie said...

thinking of you!

LilKnitter said...

Sending all my best wishes for a speedy recovery - make that TWO speedy recoveries! Have a merry Christmas, despite the medical circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Sis.