11 April 2007

Eventful Day

Yesterday was quite eventful.

I have almost finished with one set of lab notebooks! HUGE relief. Today, I'll be giving one of my two exams, and I'll be grading homework while the students do so. Three things off of my list!

The Collar and I went running at the Y. He's pleased because he is back to sub 30 minute 5ks and I'm pleased because I managed to run 3 miles in sub 40 minutes (38 minutes, 16 seconds). We both lost weight over the 2 week layoff. I suspected that I had as my waist bands are even looser and my favorite running shorts are too big again. The Collar is pleased too.

We came home and got SCIG ready. Then the plumber called, so we hung out for that. He was able to fix our outside spigot, our shower faucet, and fixed our water heater. The water heater had a pipe that was made of a substance that breaks down in hot water. Yes, there are some *brilliant* people designing equipment. The nice thing about that is we don't have to buy a new water heater. The plumber strongly reminded The Collar and me of our brother-in-law. They both spoke in very similar fashion, and when I told him that, he apologized, just like S would have.

We did the IG, Game Boy taught the new neighbor kids Maisie tag, and we had lamb curry for dinner.

Then The Wiz threw up. He's been back at school two days, and he catches the stomach bug that's going around. He spent all night throwing up, but is feeling better now. He's begging for food, which of course, we must limit. I'm glad that he's able to keep things down now, because the poor kid really doesn't need to be on an IV.

Spring is back! Maybe it'll stay permanently now.

Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about knitting. I have been doing some, but I'm just plugging away at my projects. Boring to write about, boring to take pictures of. I'd like to finish a sweater (or two) because then I can work on more interesting things.

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