29 April 2007


I'm writing the final for my online class. I still have about 10 papers to grade for them. I also need to get all late work taken care of for that class too. The final will grade itself, however!

I have graded the exams from the lab course. I still have all of their notebooks to do.

Soccer remains fun. The Dolphins won their second game in a row, and The Wiz scored 2 goals. He also never cried during the entire game. It's a record. Even better, every single child on my team scored a goal. I'm so proud of them. Game Boy's team won again (they are undefeated).

I had a Camp Dean's meeting today. My co-dean is also a planner, so we will work well together. We even chose the crafts the children will do. Now we need to start finding more counselors.

The Collar put my table together. I need to take a picture of it, but it's going to have to wait. He recycled the table top, and I'm going to use it as my work space. It's really kind of cool.

Okay, back to final exams. Oh, I'm ready for next week.

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