09 April 2007

Oh, whatever!

Holy Week is now over, so The Collar has more time, theoretically, at least. Easter is wonderful, and all, but...

However, I am now facing way too much to do. I have 3 classes, and this is what needs to be finished by May 7 (aka the day grades are turned in):
Bio 152: One in class exam
Papers to grade (35 of them)
3 Homework assignments
1 final
Bio 153: Two sets of notebooks (48 total notebooks to grade)
One in class exam

Bio 112: One in "regular" exam (online class)
Papers to grade (another 20)
One final
One homework assignment
Determine extra credit points
Where did the time go?!?

In other news, the Wiz got himself stuck between the wall and the bed last week. (Yep, that wall!) He'd dropped a toy down there and was trying to retrieve it. GameBoy has been insisting that he hates to sing (this is SOLO boy), and wants to quit choir on one day and then insists he wants to be Head Chorister next year. Yes, obviously, he hates choir.

Both boys are back in school after spring break. Hallelujah!

All of us are back to our "normal" schedules. Well, as much as we can with my thumb being unusable.

1 comment:

LilKnitter said...

Busy times for you! I've spent so long thinking like a student, I don't think it ever really struck me just how busy the professors must also be at this time of year!

Thanks for the comment; I promise to keep my fingers crossed for you, too!