21 April 2007

He's in Atlanta!

My baby went to Atlanta yesterday. He's singing at The Cathedral of St. Phillip. He boarded the bus, took his choir buddy under his wing, and left. He didn't even say good bye.

Of course, an hour and a half later he called us on his cell phone. Then he called us 2 hours later to tell us what he ate for dinner and to say good night. Today he has called three times--once while we were at the Domain, once right before we ate dinner, and again about 45 minutes later.

But he doesn't miss us. Yeah, right. I do know he's having a good time, though.

Before he left, I finished his sweater. He looks pretty happy to have it, don't you think? He has one of the best grins when he's actually happy.

It looks very strange when he's not wearing it because it's long and thin, like him. But on him, it looks like it was made for him, which, of course, it was. It even is a bit large on him, so maybe it will fit in the fall. I can hope.

Specs: Pretty much my own pattern. A bit of Ann Budd, a bit of hood help from here and there.
I used size 8 needles and Bernat Denim Style yarn. I started this sometime in March, I think, so it took about a month to knit. The next sweater I knit for this kid is going to be an adult small, because this isn't going to fit him for long, and he adores hoodies.

I have a lot of this yarn left. I have no idea what to do with it, although Game Boy has asked for a pair of wrist bands and mittens. But for now, I'm working on my socks, the shawl and The Collar's sweater.


LC said...

Cute sweater! Cute kid!

Don't you love that Denim Style yarn? I made a cardigan hooded sweater for a friend's new grandson. It knits up like a dream, although it is a tiny bit "splitty". Not enough to deter me, however! LOL

Kate said...

Thanks! The Denim Style did leave lint all over me, but I think that it's a great yarn for easy care. It was soooo soft after I washed and dried it.

I'll probably use it again. I just wish they had more colors. :)

LilKnitter said...

It's a lovely - sorry, cool and manly! - sweater! And yes, your son has a fantastic smile. He might grow into a little heart-breaker, watch out! And as a fellow singer, I am very excited for his singing opportunities.