23 September 2008

Knit Happens

...while I am monitoring my classes.

Currently, I have 4 active projects. One is a bath mat for the basement bathroom (no pictures, it's slow going because it hurts my hands to work on it too much), one's a pair of socks that lives in my purse, one is the Spey Valley Socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I'm working on the leg now--the cuffs of both socks are now finished. This is the same dye lot but so far the socks don't even look related. Maybe soon they will.
I'm knitting them in yarn that my mother gave me because someone gave it to her, but she doesn't knit socks or things that require small needles. These are really small needles, too. I'm knitting these socks on size 0 needles, or 2 mm for non-Americans. They are basically just ribbed socks, but the vikkel braid was fun.

I wanted to start something that 1.) needed larger needles and 2.) was more complex than various types of ribbing or plain old garter stitch. So I started this: a Christmas stocking with fair isle or stranded knitting. It's my favorite technique. I've finally gotten to the fun part, too. :) I love what is on this one, too. You'll see when I've knitted it.

I rode my bike this morning. This time, I made the whole trip, with NO flats. New tires and tube apparently fixed the issue. I was kind of slow (12-14 mph) out by the wheat fields (wheezed a bit) and was fast (17-20 mph) before and after the wheat fields. Maybe it's a wheat allergy--it's happened every time I have gone out. What I really need is to find a route that's not near wheat fields. That's highly unlikely.


lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

I'll bet you're SO glad to be back on your bike...it sounds to me like that time is your personal sanctuary!

Can you recommend a pump for tires? I have a big cruiser-type bike and I want something I can take along on the ride...portable and yet easy to use?

I need to get out there. I won't be pretty, but I want to feel some air on my face! :)

Kate said...

Oh, yes, I am so glad to be back in the saddle. It probably is one of the things that keeps me sane with all that's going on. Today I was able to ride to the dentist and the grocery store. Tomorrow, I might have time to ride another long ride, but I'm getting my haircut, so I don't know.

I carry a CO2 cartridge and pump. It's pretty small, but it has high pressure for road bike wheels. I love it, because it's easy. In the past, we've bought frame pumps that attach to the bike. That might work for you. It really depends on the bicycle.

The weather is perfect for cycling right now. I love that I live some where that is really bicycle friendly.

Who cares about being pretty? :)
It's all about going some where under your own power and riding fast down hills! LOL

lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

Ack! riding fast? LOL I'll settle for soaring down the block, at a safe speed! (Did I mention I'm a big baby?) ROFL

Thanks for the info on the pump...I'll check it out!