03 September 2008

Handmade and Homemade

First, the handmade.

Knucks for Game Boy. If he likes them as much as he seems to(he's smiling in these pictures), he'll wear them out. Currently he has a thing for fingerless gloves. The Wiz wants a pair too. (I knit these on size 3 dpns, rather than size 4. The only change I made on this particular pattern.)Will he ever take them off? Time will tell.
There's enough of the yarn left to make him a hat, too. He asked for one, so he'll get one.

We bought a box of peaches. I froze a bunch, and made a gluten free cobbler. Game Boy won't each peaches, The Wiz claimed to hate the cobbler, so The Collar and I ate all of it. And it was good. With all the frozen peaches, I can make some this winter, too. It will be nice to have a memory of summer in the long dark nights.


Maggie said...

That looks so good! I bet gluten free desserts taste way better than sugar-free ones. Blech.

Elizabeth said...

Children who hate cobbler. Hm! I must visit you soon!

WOS said...

Yeah-you will have long dark nights. You're further north now!