29 September 2008

The Lab

So, this house was built in 1935. We have lots of windows and the sorts of things that were important in that time, including a canning kitchen. Next year I might even be able to use it for that purpose.

However, it's much more fun to call it what the Wiz has dubbed it: The Lab. He says we'll practice recipes down in it instead of up in the real kitchen. It's a good place for them to make regular cookies, because I can be away from the flour, if anyone in this house ever makes regular cookies again. It's also good for so many other things, too. Like sewing and making things with the boys. It's a pretty open room, made for messes, and clean up is easy since there is a sink in it. However, the lighting stinks. I need to find a way to add more lamps to the track.

That's enough talking. You want to see the pictures, I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

Here we come, to use those mugs!


WOS said...

Your house is so cool! The more I see, the more I can't wait to visit.

Maggie said...

I'm agreeing with Mimi! You have such a cool house. And I'm glad you don't have a wizard living under your stairs. I'm sure you'd give him a proper room.

WOS said...

Sometimes I'm a little slow...I just got the "Harry doesn't live there." Thanks, Maggie.

Kate said...

There is always at least one snarky comment in my labeled pictures. I couldn't help myself with that one. :-)

We can't wait to have the Baseball Fanatics. I've even told Game Boy he can't do a youth group thing on Thursday.