20 September 2008

The Wiz's Room

Yesterday, we cleaned his room. This is as good as it gets, so I'll show it to you now.Wanna see? Of course you do!There are still five rooms left: Game Boy's room, which will never be clean; our bedroom; the living room; the family room; and the lab, aka the canning kitchen. There are also 2 bathrooms and the hall/nexus upstairs, of which I have pictures, but haven't posted.


WOS said...

A canning kitchen?! How nice! :)
Tell Wiz he has a very nice looking room.

Kate said...

The Lab is a complete kitchen. We'll use it more next year, because I'm going to can fruits and veggies next year. Produce is really inexpensive here. We'll also use it so the boys and The Collar can make cookies, but I won't have to be around the flour. It'll be handy at Thanksgiving too.

The Wiz likes his room. So far, it is still neat. He even folded his pjs a couple of times.

Pattie said...

nice room...come help my boys clean their rooms, PLEASE!

Kate said...

Not a chance--Game Boy's room is scaring me enough! :)