31 August 2008

Hiking on the Walla Walla River

which is in Oregon, because we hiked at BLM area. We went with some friends from church--they have two sons--a 7th grader and a 2nd grader, so it was perfect, boy wise.This sign really cracked us up. We decided that they were sensitive, and we didn't want to hurt their feelings. (It was a great reason to keep the Wiz from throwing rocks.)

We saw all kinds of biology. The Wiz is holding the top of a horse tail. They are everywhere around here. (Well, along all of the streams and rivers, anyway.)We saw lots of dead or dying salmon. We did see one spawning, too. (Hence the sign. They are trying to establish a salmon population there.)

We saw a lot of snakes. This was the smallest one.
Other wildlife we saw included a flock of turkeys, and signs of bears. (Bear waste, as the other second grader put it.)
It was a beautiful day for a hike. We had a picnic and were able to go down to the water, as Game Boy is demonstrating here. We are definitely going to do this again.

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Elisabeth said...

It sounds like you guys are really enjoying your new home. I'm so glad!