26 August 2008

First Day of School.

This was a big first day of school for both boys. It's their first day this year, their first day in a new district (#3 district for Game Boy), and Game Boy's first day of middle school. Game Boy rode his bike to school with a flotilla of boys. He likes that, quite a lot.

The Collar and I walked The Wiz to school. It is nice to be able to go to school by foot/bike. It's really good for The Wiz's teachers. He will be working out some of his energy before he even gets there. (I am walking at least 2.5 miles every day.)

The best thing about going to school here is that The Wiz leaves for school at 7:40ish and Game Boy leaves at 7:45ish. Last year, they caught the bus at 6:22 am. They were ready to go by 7:15 so they actually had time to goof off before we all left. It was quite strange that they were ready so far ahead of time. They even woke up AFTER they'd have gotten on the bus last year.

So, this year, no picture of the boys waiting for the bus in the dark. No picture of brain shaped meatloaf, either. The meatloaf fell apart. :(

So here's a song instead, that's all about eating brains.


elisabeth said...

Thanks a lot, Kate. Now I'll be singing "All we want to do is eat your brains" ALL DAY LONG!

There's nothing like zombie music to liven up Oxford University Press.

[wanders off humming]

Kate said...

You are welcome. :) We try to enliven everyone's day around here!

WOS said...

Sheesh! A nice little blog entry about the first day of school, then BAM-get hit with brain-eating zombies!

Maggie said...

Happy 1st day of school!! We are zombie lovers in this house, surprise surprise. lol Here is our favorite zombie song.