23 August 2008

What we're doing

Game Boy had his orientation on Thursday. He's ready to go. He's taking band and will be learning trumpet. We need ear plugs.

The Wiz is learning to ride his bicycle. Game Boy and I were cheerleaders/holders on to the bike.
I'd let go, and Game Boy would tell the Wiz I was still holding the bike. He'd go about 25 feet or so before he'd look down, pull his feet off the pedals or what have you and fall over. He'll get it eventually. He spent his allowance on a Webkin (a lime green gecko) and is pretty happy with that.

We went to the farmer's market today. We bought peaches, nectarines, canteloupe, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and yellow squash. It was also kids' day, so the boys were able to do a few things. It was a nice morning for it too. The weather has been much nicer this week.

Best of all, next Tuesday is the first day of school for the boys. Thank goodness.


Heather said...

Agh, I've been meaning to leave you a comment for weeks - yay for being Westerners now! I don't know eastern WA well but it sure looks pretty in pictures, plus the farmers' market sounds lovely.

Ella is back to school (year round schedule) and I officially start tomorrow though I had orientation yesterday. Feeling better about this whole endeavor :) Met some really interesting people yesterday and am happy to see the diversity of personalities and experiences going into library/info sci.

Take care - glad to have y'all out west.

Kate said...

I always kind of felt like a westerner--to Kentuckians/Ohioans, I most definitely was.

All of us really like it here. We have been busy, busy, but it's better than being bored. :)

School is going to help my sanity. I'd love to say that my boys are best friends, but that would be a lie!