01 August 2008

While I was waiting

I knitted, quite a bit, in fact. Once your house is packed up, and you are in a car for hours and hours, there must be something to do. Then, of course, our closing was delayed, so I had more time to knit (and no tv or internet, so what else to do?).

So, here's what I did:

The socks are Spring Forward from Knitty. My version should probably be called Fall Back. The yarn is Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn in Brown Sugar. Very autumnal colors, I think. They'll look good with my tan clogs when it's cool enough to wear them again.

I started these socks at camp, and literally wove in the ends as we drove into Washington. I really like the colors. My pictures aren't so wonderful, but they'll be great socks.I have finished all of the mitre squares for the dishcloth cotton baby blanket. It needs a border, but I'm waffling on what color to use. Suggestions? It's going to be very soft, and machine washable once it's finished.

I am almost finished with this, too. It needs to be blocked, and I've decided to use some sort of clasp, rather than the buttons that are called for. It will be good for throwing on when I'm too cool in air conditioning or at night. (It really can get cool at night here, even if the days are in the 90's).
The color is closer in the second picture. It's not the best picture of the sweater, but it's not too bad considering it's a mirror shot. :) (I think I've lost weight during the knitting of this sweater!)

I think that I'll be wearing it a lot. It's the Hexacomb Sweater from the Spring IK, and I knit it all in one color from Knit Picks Merino Style in Crocus, which is no longer available. I used Addi Turbos for the first time with this sweater, too.

Later, I'll post pictures of the boys' projects. Next week I might be ready for a "tour" of the house.


Mimi said...

Julia thinks a "lightish blue" border for the blanket border. There are so many colors in the blanket it's hard to choose. You don't have as much of the mauve (or purple or whatever that color truly is). Are you going to send out your address? I believe you were waiting until you had closed so as not to jinx yourself.

Kate said...

Once I get my new email address set up, I'll send out one with the new contact information. We didn't have a phone until Tuesday, and then we have had a hard time getting the modem and the router to work with each other.

lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

I think either the fuschia color or the lime green would set off the rest of the colors...was the dishcloth cotton hard to knit in the mitre square pattern?

Love the socks!

Kate said...

I'm glad you like the socks! You sent me the yarn. :)

Fuschia or green might work--I'll have to see which one I can find. It wasn't difficult at all to knit the mitres.