30 August 2008

The Fair

Look--it's the fair!
Yesterday, we went to the fair together as a family. The Collar took Friday off, as he has to work on Monday (a holiday and his usual day off), which worked well. It was kids' day at the fair, so we were able to buy some ride tickets (all the rides were $1.50).

The boys enjoyed the rides. We all went up in the Ferris Wheel. Game Boy liked the Ferris Wheel. The Collar seemed to also.We also went into the petting farm area. There were no little girls on display this time. :) There were a couple of alpacas, though. This one seemed to really like me. Most of the time it was nuzzling my hand.The Wiz showed us his mad roping skills. Don't you love the outfit?
We saw all of the interesting exhibits (we're all going to enter something next year) and watched a reptile show. The boys all ate cotton candy and shared an elephant ear. I had tacos. (Yes, there is a theme about what Kate eats when we are out. Taco trucks are EVERYWHERE. Generally, they are gluten free too.)

It was quite hot. We went home, but we had a really good time. Next year will be even more fun, since we'll know more about how to plan.

Today we went hiking in Oregon. That will be another post.

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