28 August 2008

A Wiz Story

The Wiz's class went to the Fair today. (Confession: I've never been to one, and neither have the boys.)

One of his teachers told me this story:

The class was in the petting farm area, and the first thing the Wiz saw was a little girl in a pen. There weren't any animals in it with her. The Wiz looked with horror at his teacher and asked her, "Are we supposed to PET her?!?" The teacher told him she didn't think so. So he asked, "Why is she in a cage? Are they selling her?" The teacher said she didn't know why she was in the cage, maybe the person working in the exhibit knew. She assured the Wiz that the little girl wasn't for sale.

The Wiz, who is not shy, went and asked the exhibitor. The exhibitor told him that the little girl was her daughter, and she was playing in the pen so she wouldn't wander off. The Wiz duly told his teacher, with relief. Apparently it really worried him.

His teacher (the usual classroom teacher) made sure that the reading teacher told me this story because Mr. G thought it was a cute andfunny story. He's already shown them all his winning personality. Everyone in the school will probably know him by the end of September.


Maggie said...

lmao! I love that little guy!

Anonymous said...

He is such a sweetie!

G and G

LilKnitter said...

He must be such a dear!

LCinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

Compassion comes in small packages, sometimes! Adorable! (PS..don't tell him I called him "adorable"...boys don't usually like that!)


Dorothy from Kansas said...

I would have loved to see his face when he thought the little girl was part of the petting zoo! Too cute!